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Collaborating Back to Wellness
A Co Scheduling Tool

Do your employees with chronic conditions get the support
they need from managers?
Do shared policies, principles and practices guide managers, HR and employees
Can your managers act flexibly to maximize at-risk employee
satisfaction and productivity



“Collaborating Back to Wellness”
applies the assumptions, skills and principles of collaborative management to a critical problem of wellness in organizations: how to maximize support, productivity and retention of valued employees as they undergo diagnosis and treatment for a range of chronic conditions. Such situations are a true test of an organization’s collaborative scheduling readiness. This tool builds that readiness by offering:

• Compelling principles that build consistency across the organizations
• Detailed analysis of the impact of six common conditions on schedules
• Tools for assessing the choice of leaves vs. managed contribution
• Checklists, scripts and videos on dealing with difficult situations
• Targeted online training on navigating part-time + offsite + short-term leaves


To discuss the value and pricing of this tool, contact Paul Rupert at 301-873-8489 or info@flexwisetools.com


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