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The Collaborators
A Co Scheduling Video

Do your proposals for flexible schedules seem
more entitled than business-like?
Are many of your managers skeptical that people
can be productive
Is the goal-setting and assessment process too vague to show value?



This Co Scheduling video portrays a collaborative approach to the productive scheduling process. It makes concrete a process that far too many managers and their colleagues find acceptable but theoretical. It helps create measurable business impacts and greater employee engagement. Elements of the video include:

Employees collaborating to identify unique business gains of different schedules
Employees working together to redesign the individual/group work process
A manager experienced in Co Scheduling mentors a skeptical manager
The manager and employee collaborate on a superior schedule
Their scheduled evaluation session highlights gains and areas for improvement

To discuss the value and pricing of this tool, contact Paul Rupert at 301-873-8489 or info@flexwisetools.com


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