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Part-Time Training
A Flexible Work Arrangement

Need a compelling business case for part-time work? 
Not sure how to ensure proper access on days off? 
Concerned that this option will hurt participants’ careers?



This innovative training takes on the enduring challenges to part-time work by addressing:

A detailed business case focusing on the unique gains offered by part-timers
A review of the pros and cons of common part-time schedules
Strategies for overcoming potential negative career impacts
Techniques for maximizing communication between part-timers and the team
Unusual challenges and the troubleshooting techniques to overcome them

“The online guidelines and training system were absolutely helpful.
It’s our one-stop shop for information.”
-- Professional Services Client


To discuss the value and pricing of this tool, contact Paul Rupert at 301-873-8489 or info@flexwisetools.com


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