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Flexibility Monitoring
A Co Scheduling System

Can you collect and share evolving information on
usage, productivity and satisfaction?
Do you have a process that automates true collaboration
among managers and employees?
Is your system flexible enough to accommodate
unique options, users and supports?



The Flexibility Monitoring system is a robust software tool designed to be comprehensive, user-configured and easy to use. It is externally hosted, quickly deployed and reliably supported by expert staff. It can support clear business goal-setting and extensive email communication among managers, employees and HR. Among its attributes are:

A system that is externally and securely hosted and maintained with Rapid Response
Reliable importation of individual data from your HR data system
Seamless proposing, revising, modifying and reporting of collaborative schedules
Ability to create firm goals on new schedules, track, summarize and report them
The integration of the Monitoring System into a virtual coaching regimen for new users

To discuss the value and pricing of this tool, contact Paul Rupert at 301-873-8489 or info@flexwisetools.com


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