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Rupert & Company’s FlexWise™ Tools have provided precise guidance and support to flexibility pioneers for more than a decade. These web-based tools have powered robust Flexible Work Arrangement initiatives in more than a hundred companies, professional firms, hospitals and other nonprofits.

We have captured the lessons of these programs and tools in an online suite for the next generation of flexibility: Collaborative or Co Scheduling. This shift from program to practice, from manager permission to true collaboration and from offering options to embedding flexibility as a business standard will enable greater mutual benefit for employers and employees.

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Flexible Work Arrangements


We not only preach collaboration, we practice it.

As the long-time leader in online flexibility tools, we have delighted our clients with continuous improvement.

Whether you are launching a flexibility program, maximizing one you have or seeking to engage your people through skill-driven Collaborative Scheduling, FlexWise™ tools will enhance your initiative.

As our clients will attest, they are the GPS of flexibility.


“I strongly recommend these tools to other businesses; they have many valuable features.

They are very user-friendly and easy to customize.

They are so thorough that I got very few questions in our multi-site rollout." 

– Horne, LLP

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About Us

Paul Rupert
has been perfecting workplace flexibility as a manager, consultant and trainer since 1972. 

He is widely known for his groundbreaking flexibility work with the nation’s leading corporations, hospitals, accounting firms and small businesses.

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