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Excelling When Fully Offsite
A Co Scheduling Training

Has a real estate initiative made remote employees too remote?
Are the skills of managers not quite adequate for their new roles?
Are steps being taken to assure development opportunities?



There are many similarities between the challenges of working partly and fully offsite. But important differences exist for both employees and managers and this tool addresses key success factors, including:

• A tutorial on managing for results and assessing outcomes
• A complete guide to setting up an effective home office
• Principles and tips to avoid isolation and distractions
• Guidance on continuing development and eligibility for advancement
• Being an effective team leader and member

“I would recommend these online tools to other firms and businesses…they are
very user-friendly.” -- Professional Services Executive


To discuss the value and pricing of this tool, contact Paul Rupert at 301-873-8489 or info@flexwisetools.com


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