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Client Comments

We have worked with numerous clients over long periods of time and in a broad range of industries.  Our constant goal is to deliver outstanding results and exceed all client expectations.  Their representative comments below suggest that we have been successful.  Given client company policies regarding endorsements, they asked that we not use their names.
The FlexWise™ guidelines and training system have been absolutely helpful. They are our one-stop shop for guidance. Without these tools, we wouldn’t have made such great progress in our flexibility effort.

– Accounting Firm Executive 

Rupert’s web-based tools are a wonderful platform for making decisions and training participants. They played a key role in convincing our CEO, Senior Leadership and HR to buy in to our Flexibility Initiative.

– Large Company Diversity Leader

The FlexWise™ guidelines have been in place for several years and we are very satisfied with them. Rather than building them from scratch, we had access to Rupert’s extensive flex information and expertise.

– Major Hospital Executive 

I strongly recommend these tools to other businesses; they have many valuable features. They are very user-friendly and easy to customize. They are so thorough that I got very few questions in our 12-office rollout.

– Small Business Leader

Our guidelines have been in place for a couple of years and I’m comfortable with them, things like benefits and challenges of each arrangement. The section that goes into detail about each FWA helps people think through what they want. The FAQ section and the implications for benefits and compensation are very useful.

– Hospital Work-Life Leader

Rupert offered a how-to kit, the expertise, the tools and resources. The user-friendly system on implementation and execution enabled us to educate managers and shift their minds to embrace the initiative.

– Pharmaceutical Leader

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