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About Rupert & Company

Rupert & Company has experienced leaders steeped in innovation and collaboration. They represent decades of guiding clients toward a flexible workplace, customizing online tools and developing superior leaders. They are supported in quality delivery by colleagues who bring enhanced capabilities in communications and graphic design, leadership development, scalable training and work and office redesign.

Paul Rupert is President of Washington, DC-based Rupert & Company. He combines forty years’ general management, consulting, coaching, training and research experience with expertise in the development of flexible leadership skills and online systems. He excels in aligning Senior Management commitments with business-beneficial flexibility initiatives.

Paul started managing flexibly with his first start-up in 1972. He pioneered the development of explicitly business-based approaches and tools for creating the flexible workplace and transforming traditional managers into flexible leaders. In his previous work as Associate Director of New Ways to Work and Flexibility Practice Leader of WFD Consulting, he directed national flexibility advocacy efforts and served a broad and distinguished client list of more than a hundred companies ranging from Aetna and AOL to Wal-Mart and Xerox.

He pioneered challenging flexibility initiatives such as Phased and Partial Retirement and high yield approaches to Remote Work. Mr. Rupert speaks widely about organizational flexibility and is quoted regularly in the national media such as the
Wall Street Journal, ABC World News, CBS News, NPR, Marketplace and Newsweek. He is a graduate of Stanford University.

Michele Lamond is Vice President, Web Services at Rupert & Company. She brings to the position a broad background in online training, web design, hosting and maintenance. Prior to developing her own web services company, Michele spent more than a decade in technology roles in the investment management business. She complemented this work with marketing and communications roles in the major nonprofit sector. 

In all these settings she developed her web design and development capabilities. She began a comprehensive web services company in 1998, offering a range of businesses website development, Internet communication strategies and online training vehicles. She joined Rupert & Company as Webmaster in 2002.

Since then she has been responsible for building the
FlexWise™ suite of interactive online guides and training tools, for all client website development and customization and for maintaining all hosted sites. She is currently involved in creating our complex second generation websites and training tools, and has been promoted to VP, Web Services.

Richard Latty is Chief Technology Advisor
 to Rupert & Company and President of our partner software development firm, Pipersoft. He has over 32 years experience in the design and development of computer systems. Major projects included software for simulating satellite systems (NASA) and automated digital image interpretation as well as retail transaction processing systems. He designed the CENTRIC system for automating the securitization and risk mitigation for all of the U.S. embassies around the world, the system used for automating and normalizing the USDA inspection of all fruits and vegetables (imports and domestic), the automated system for managing the participants in the Certified Organic program and the system used by GSA to manage the clearance process on more than 16,000 government personnel. 

Prior to his work at Pipersoft and its parent firm, Solutions Engineering, Rick worked at NASA/Ames and NASA/Goddard on the Landsat Thematic Mapper mission. He also worked as the CTO and Director of Product Development at Idocuments. Rick advises R&C on the development and integration of technology solutions that complement and strengthen our suites of web-based tools. 

He is a member of numerous scientific, engineering and honorary societies. He is a graduate of the University of Florida and Purdue University, has published 23 scientific articles and has presented at numerous symposia. He is also a pilot.

How We Work

Rupert and Company are a pleasure to work with. They turn things around very quickly and well within budget. Most importantly, they provided us with very useful feedback on the downstream impact of many changes we considered making. -- FlexWise™ Guidelines Client

Our highly acclaimed work in developing and customizing superior online tools draws on a set of proven capabilities. We apply these to all our work for the full range of projects and clients. Those capabilities include:

Unparalleled Expertise We have spent three decades mastering and pioneering every aspect of flexible work. Thousands of hours of research, live training and consulting inform all our FlexWise™ Tools. From the strategic design of guidelines to the detailed training tools for the major flexible options, we apply our broad and deep implementation knowledge. We can assure our clients of highly satisfactory outcomes.

Thorough Customization To some providers, “customization” means simply cosmetic changes. Sure, we do that – adding company name, logo, inserting key terms. But we engage with our clients to do whatever level of customization is required. We literally remake sections of guidelines, add or subtract options and add copy editing across a suite of tools. In the end these are your tools, done your way.

Candid Feedback Another key aspect of the way we customize and modify our tools is that we insist on a dialogue throughout the process. We are open to change, but assertive in explaining the rationale for our tools as they are. We also review and may comment on additions to any tool, offering the benefits of our perspective on how such changes have played out in other settings.

Creative Problem-Solving We are collaborative customizers. In addition to working with suggested changes, we are adept at developing creative solutions to problems that customers raise but cannot resolve. This can include significant reworking of core elements of our flexibility guidelines.

Application Development Unique elements of our overall system began as concerns from clients who wanted to achieve purposes essential for success in their own environment. We approach the development of new tools or components as an opportunity to meet both client needs and the growing requirements of the larger field.

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